All of Our Offerings

At Government Websites we offer a niche range of services and products for municipalities.

We limit the scope of our services to preserve our core mission of connecting municipalities with high quality affordable resources to build there online platforms.

Website Redevelopment

We provide ground up rebuilds of municipal websites with our internal platform. For full scope redevelopments we provide the core structure and application of our platform fit to your municipalities needs. We offer content audits and migrations from the existing site and provide training to your staff to run and manage your website internally.

At this time we do not offer any maintenance or upkeep for websites outside of our platform including but not limited to: Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla.

Quality Assurance Testing

We provide though testing and quality assurance for new websites completed that are to be held to modern best practices and accessibility standards. We offer accessibility audits from users living with disabilities.

We provide all of our findings in a report, at this time we do not offer any services to correct any issues we find, strictly operate as an auditing service.